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Advanced Rechargeable Batteries Fuel the Growth of E-Shutter Market

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The e-shutter application in smart home automation has become increasingly popular in recent years, driven by factors such as rising energy costs, the adoption of smart home automation technology, and a growing awareness of the benefits of energy-efficient home automation systems. According to data from MarketsandMarkets, the global market for smart home automation is expected to reach $6.9 billion by 2025, with strong growth expected in developed regions such as North America and Europe.

Reliable Battery Solution to Unlock Success

The growth of the e-shutter market is heavily reliant on the advancements in rechargeable battery technology. The ideal battery solution shall provide a reliable and efficient source of power for e-shutter systems, making them more convenient and practical for consumers. E-shutters are expected to be easily controlled remotely, but this requires a reliable power source that can provide continuous energy without interruption. With the well thought-out design of providing a long-lasting and stable source of energy, the battery solution shall ensure that e-shutter systems can function optimally for extended periods of time.

We Leads the Way with High-Quality Battery Solutions


GP Energy Tech is well-positioned to support the growth of the e-shutter market due to its range of high-quality and reliable rechargeable battery solutions. The excellent performance of GP Energy Tech battery solutions at extreme temperatures is particularly important for e-shutter systems, which need to be able to function in a wide range of environments, including those with extreme temperatures. The ability GPET batteries to perform well between -20 °C to 70°C ensures that e-shutter systems are reliable and practical for consumers.


The service life of battery solutions is another crucial factor for e-shutter systems, which require a long-lasting and stable power source. Our rechargeable batteries are specially designed with an extended service life, which typically ranges from 5 to 8 years, seen as the best partners of e-shutter. With the long battery life span, e-shutter systems can operate for extended periods of time without needing to be replaced, reducing maintenance costs, and providing a more reliable and cost-effective solution for consumers.


Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) is an intrinsically safe chemistry and free from UN38.3 testing, making them not restricted in air transport. The recyclable and environmentally friendly nature of these batteries also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in the smart home automation market. With a fully automated production line, our battery solutions also offer excellent cell consistency, ensuring the best pack level performance for e-shutter systems.

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