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Our vision

GP Energy Tech International Pte. Limited (“GP Energy Tech”), a member of Gold Peak Technology Group Limited, is a global battery technology leader and specialist in rechargeable batteries for consumer and industrial applications. With comprehensive experience in developing and manufacturing batteries in high-volume operations, GP Energy Tech is committed to delivering sustainable innovations and battery advancement for energy storage solutions, taking the lead in responsible business and in building a greener future.

We believe in rechargeable innovation

Rechargeable batteries are more than an energy source. They are a vital part of our collective future on this planet. There is a need for green energy storage solutions that can be reused and recycled. We are focused on driving new innovation and improvements in rechargeable battery technology. We know advanced research in materials and manufacturing processes can provide a better future for our planet. We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions to solve many of the world's energy storage problems.

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We believe in serving diverse markets around the world

Our customers come from a variety of industries including global leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, safety and home automation applications. We provide customisable energy storage solutions to a broad range of applications, from the smallest wireless headphones to automotive eCall devices, telecom base stations and internet data centres. GP Energy Tech can help just about anywhere you need a reliable, uninterrupted power supply and effective, durable energy storage solutions.

We believe sustainability is non-negotiable

Better energy storage solutions are the way to save the planet. That is why we adopted a Zero-Positive mandate in everything we do. Zero-Positive means we aspire to emit zero carbon while having a positive impact on the environment.


Sustainability is the only way forward in all aspects of our work—research and development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Our rechargeable batteries help our customers to strive for the same sustainability objectives.

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We believe in leading the charge

We are uncompromising and ambitious in our goal to save the planet. We won’t be dissuaded. With climate change creating an urgent need for better energy storage solutions, we are positioned to achieve strong profitability and return on investment for our investors, while delivering sustainable products that help protect our planet. The better we listen and learn, the better we will innovate and deliver market-leading solutions for our stakeholders around the world.

We believe in listening

Great ideas can come from anywhere in our company and around the world. We work collaboratively to develop products that can change the way we live. We do this by fostering a culture of rapid innovation that encourages new ideas and solutions from inside and outside our company. We work with scientists, technologists and engineers from institutions around the world to gain insight into how to continuously improve our processes.

We are constantly listening to our customers and following marketplace trends to ensure our energy storage solutions are meeting (and exceeding) real world needs. We work hard—together—every day to ensure the planet is a better place than we found it.

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We believe the world can be a better place

We’re a global venture. We work with governments, corporations and organisations around the world to make a difference in both the rechargeable battery industry and in the environment. We collaborate with researchers and governments to improve standards throughout the life cycle of rechargeable batteries. That means advancing greener manufacturing methods and implementing more beneficial end-of-life solutions for our products such as recycling.


The planet can be saved through sustainable energy solutions. Your planet. Our planet.

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