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Sustainable Battery Manufacturing for a Greener Future

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As a battery company that purchases a significant amount of raw materials, many of which are metals, we recognize the potential impact we can have on the environment. At our company, we're committed to striving for "Zero-Positive" action - achieving zero pollution while making positive impacts in the community and geography where we operate.

Taking Steps towards


Environmental Management System and Policy

We have established an environmental management system certified with ISO14001 standards, outlining our direction towards a wide range of environmental topics. Our efforts are focused on product manufacturing, product design, research & development, and include measures to address our entire product life cycle, from raw material sourcing to product end-of-life.

Clean Manufacturing and Circular Economy

We prioritize cleaner manufacturing processes and a circular economy by improving energy efficiency and deploying renewable energy in our factories. Proper air quality and sewage control measures are in place to minimize our environmental impact on the surrounding areas. Additionally, we've implemented a water recycling system to conserve this precious resource.


Towards Zero Waste to Landfill

We strive to minimize waste generation during manufacturing by continuously enhancing our manufacturing process and quality control. For the waste generated when it is unavoidable, we are certified under UL's Zero Waste to Landfill program to divert over 95% of our waste produced during manufacturing from landfill.

Eco-friendly and Recycled Raw Materials

One of our R&D's main focuses is to use more eco-friendly raw materials with higher recyclability and utilize recycled materials as our raw materials while upholding our battery performance and safety standards. We also actively promote the use of rechargeable batteries, improving product features to increase recharge cycles and shorten charging time.


Supporting End-of-Life Recycling

We support local battery recycling programs where our products are marketed, minimizing waste to landfill and giving a second life to products by turning them into raw materials for new products. We also proactively explore packaging materials that can be easily recycled and ways to reduce the use of plastics for both end-product packaging and during product transportation.

More than just a written commitment

At our company, we're committed to leading the industry in sustainable battery manufacturing efforts for a greener future. We believe it's our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact, and we're dedicated to achieving this through our Zero-Positive initiative and our entire product life cycle approach.

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