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Supplier Collaboration for a Green Future


We recognize that we can't save the planet alone. That's why we're committed to collaborating with our suppliers and stakeholders to minimize the environmental impact of our product life cycle and uphold social responsibility standards.


Minimizing Environmental Impact via Sustainable Procurement

We believe in minimizing the environmental impact of our product life cycle, starting from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and logistics. Our sustainable procurement practices governs our purchasing routines to always look for greener and cleaner products and services, and we're continuously increasing local sourcing to minimize our carbon footprint and support local communities.

Upholding Social Responsibility via Supplier Code of Conduct


We're dedicated to upholding social responsibility standards in our supply chain management. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for our suppliers, and we regularly audit them to ensure compliance and best practices beyond it. We believe in continuously improving the sustainability standards of our suppliers and creating long-term partnerships.

We're committed to encouraging sustainability improvement in our suppliers and giving purchasing preferences to those with higher sustainability standards. By working closely with our suppliers, we believe we can create a better world for everyone.

Every Step Counts for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Procument.jpg

At GP Energy Tech, we're committed to responsible supply chain management and collaborating with our suppliers for a sustainable future. We believe in minimizing our environmental impact, upholding social responsibility standards, and encouraging sustainability improvement in our suppliers. Together with our stakeholders, we can create a better world for generations to come.

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