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We empower
Zero-Positive Innovations

We deliver sustainable rechargeable battery innovations with zero carbon and positive impacts in the community

More than just a New Venture

GP Energy Tech focuses on rechargeable battery design, manufacturing and solutions,
yet inheriting the solid foundation and five-decade of battery manufacturing experience.

Market Insights

We are here to power a sustainable future of hyper-connected transportation and energy storage with innovative battery solutions.

Smart Transportation.jpg

Intelligent Transportation

Revolutionary battery technology for GPS tracking in flights, shipments, and containers is driving a new era of intelligent transportation.


Uninterrupted Power Solutions

Perfect for the growing market, our batteries offer cutting-edge technology and sustainability, delivering efficient energy storage solutions.

Renewable energy storage.jpg

Renewable Energy Storage

Being at the forefront of the industrial revolution, our advanced battery solutions is playing a crucial role driving a greener and more sustainable future with renewable energy.

Specialized Battery Applications

Advanced battery solutions have become increasingly specialized, serving a wide range of industries and applications. In the upcoming hyper-connection world, reliable battery power is critical to ensuring safety, security, as well as sustainability. Our innovative rechargeable battery solutions provide the high-performance and durability needed for the specialized applications, delivering dependable power when it matters most.

Smart Home.jpg

Smart Home Solution

> e-Shutter, Cordless Phone

Emergency Power.jpg

Emergency Power

> e-Call, e-Light

Everyday Empowerment.jpg



> Photoflash, Personal Care

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